Monday, October 20, 2008

Displacement Simulation

Click here to a view a slide show of the event.

Northeastern students participated in a displacement simulation on Monday as part of the university's week long "Uganda Peace Week."

The simulation displacement, which was designed to raise awareness of the fact that children in Uganda are forced to constantly be on the move in order to avoid the Rebel army, took place in Centennial Common on the campus of Northeastern. The event was supposed to include replica cardboard huts similar to the ones used in Uganda, but those were unfortunately destroyed this morning by the wind.

"Five years ago, they had this big displace meet throughout the United States and major cities, where [people stayed] outside in cardboard boxes to demonstrate how the kids in Uganda are displaced," said Hannah Webb, a human services major at Northeastern who is involved with Invisible Children. "So, this is our miniature version of it to try to bring awareness to it and show what those people did."

Despite a lack of huts, the volunteers at the event had no shortage of material aimed at getting their message out- a message that raises awareness of the war in Uganda that has impacted the lives of many children. Posters, reading materials, and volunteers were all available to students who wanted to learn more. In addition to that, students could buy Invisible Children merchandise, donate books to African children, or donate money to the cause.

So far, students have been receptive to the message being spread by these volunteers.

"People, seem interested," said Webb. "The people who come over are really interested and really supportive."

A screening of the film "War Dance", a BBQ on the quad, and a candle vigil are just a few of the events that will take place this week as students involved with Invisible Children look to spread their message during "Uganda Peace Week."

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